If you want us to prepare meals for your school, drop us a line at lena@eatsforkids.com
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Organic Foods


We use organic ingredients because it is healthier and safer for our kids. Organic food doesn’t contain toxic or persistent pesticides or herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones
Supporting local food


We work with local farmers, because that significantly reduces the amount of travel time taken for the food to get from the farm to our kids table, meaning the food is fresh without using chemical preservatives
Seasonal Foods


It is our mission to use the freshest, local ingredients in our meals to support the local, hard-working network of farmers and encourage a more sustainable form of living.

Plastic Free

Plastic free

Eats for Kids is an activist for a plastic-free planet. We do not use any plastics in our meals and work tirelessly to promote options that will benefit our environment.

Our Mission & Values

Instilling Appreciation

To instill in kids an appetite and enjoyment for quality, homemade, nutritious food, by exposing them to healthy and diverse foods at a young age.

Farm to table
A dedication to bringing your kid high quality local food, allowing us to support a network of local, hard-working farmers and a more sustainable way of eating.
Eco friendly

Being an outspoken activist for a plastic-free planet, and committing to help people reduce using plastic in their daily lives

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